The God Memorandum [Og Mandino] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Offers comfort and encouragement to anyone with faltering. The God Memorandum has 99 ratings and 10 reviews. Kristin said: very warmly written, and the detail is beautiful. i have to disagree with the description. Article Title: ‘The God Memorandum’ (from ‘The Greatest Miracle in the World’ by Og Mandino)Submitted by: Craig LockCategory/Key words: Inspiration, ‘The.

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I have set my hand again.

Are you without talent, senses, abilities, pleasures, instincts, sensations, and pride? The End of the Story. Does your helpless form despoil the land? You were made with a purpose.

One who can adjust to any climate, any hardship, any rhe. Never demean yourself again! Mel rated it liked it Mar 10, Since it’s initial printing, The Greatest Salesman in the World has been translated into over 20 languages and is still considered one of the best-selling self-help books of all time.

The God Memorandum

This day, like unto Jesus og mandino the god memorandum the tomb of Lazarus, I command you to come forth and you will walk from your cave of doom to begin a new life. Nissa rated it it was amazing Aug 03, Remember, then, the four laws of happiness and success. Clement Stone, and Emmet Fox. Why have you betrayed yourself? Neglect it, do only as little as the others, and the responsibility for your failure is yours alone.

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But as he sorted through several books in a library, volumes of self-help, success and motivation books captured Mandino’s attention. Feel my hand upon thy head. He read hundreds of books og mandino the god memorandum dealt with success, a pastime that helped him alleviate his alcoholism. Remember the child who says, “when I am big boy. You are a free manifestation of no force but mine, of no love but mine.

All that has gone before is like unto no more than that time you slept within your mother’s womb. Other Articles are available at: You force a smile.

The God Memorandum – Og Mandino – Google Books

Thus we come to the fourth law of success and meomrandum You have been told that you a special piece of work, noble in reason, infinite in faculties, express and admirable in form and moving, like an angel in action, like a god in apprehension.

For he is og mandino the god memorandum poor who has little; only he that desires much One of the best motivational pieces of writing you’ll ever find in the universal literature. For the big boy says. Trivia About The God Memorandum. Know then the first secret to happiness and success – that you possess, even now, every blessing necessary to achieve great glory.


Is your heart stricken? Love is a gift on which no return is demanded. Eventually, he became an editor for a magazine called Success Og mandino the god memorandum. Some heeded the law and lo, their life was filled with the fruit of happiness, accomplishment, gold, and peace of mind. You are not the momentary whim of a careless creator experimenting in the laboratory of life. And one more, to fulfill the other four.

Secrets to Choosing a Career that Fulfills You. goe

The God Memorandum by Og Mandino

And now the laws of happiness and success are three. Eventually, he became an editor for a magazine called Success Unlimited.

His books have sold over 50 million copies and have been translated into over twenty-five different languages. Rarest of the rare. Traveling on the road and sitting in bars at night, Mandino became an alcoholic.

You have performed the greatest miracle in the world. Think not ye are being cheated if you deliver more than the silver you receive. For how can I ask you to build a new life lest you have the tools?