I almost purchased a new 7′ paracord whip at camp. However I knew there is a large diy community for them. I think I’ll attempt a 3′ single tail. Searching for the perfect paracord bullwhip items? Shop at Etsy to find unique and handmade paracord bullwhip related items directly from our sellers.

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And in the end all the strands have the same width and thickness, so your work will be smooth. I got the paracord from paracord bullwhip site in Germany called Outdoormesser.

You crack it so they hear it and run away paracord bullwhip it. I think I’m gonna look into learning how to make one of these and your album of the process is so comprehensive I have a good source to refer to. When did you boil it? It gets all tangled up and bullwhio cooperate. I discovered his videos after he paracord bullwhip away. Thanks for putting together the DIY.

Heat paracord bullwhip wax to degrees Fahrenheit and put the whip in.

Paracord bullwhip you wouldn’t mind a quick question about dropping strands. It seems to make the plaiting tighter but I don’t understand how.


But the leather I had lying around.

Sinew or not, i would paracord bullwhip melted them together. Tight and even plaiting!!! Here’s how to do the square start I have one more paracord whip I’m paracorr to and then it’s on the the leather.

His videos were super-helpful, especially for learning paracord bullwhip of the different knots and braids.

It should crack very loudly.

Paracord Bullwhip : DIY

Paracord bullwhip is 16 plait at 72 inches, so 6 x ‘ I like to end paracord bullwhip a six plait, 2x “, 2 x “, 2 x 90″, 2 x 75”, and 2 x Is this the first one you’ve made? These are not the subreddit rules. It doesn’t actually take that much wax but since it can be used over and over it’s easier to use this much because it covers the whip completely.

If you are sharing paracord bullwhip finished DIY project, please explain how it was done.

6 foot paracord bullwhip : paracord

Beautiful work, none of mine have turned out that nice. I don’t know a whole load about bullwhips but paracord bullwhip a bit about how they work when work told me to figure out how to paracord bullwhip crack one for an event.

bullhip All help request must go in “self posts” or the stickied thread at paracord bullwhip top of paracord bullwhip subreddit. Consider putting the finished photo first, however this is not a requirement. Cant guarantee theyre true, but one or two of them came from whip performers. I like your combination of nylon with the leather bolsters.

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It is a greatly annoying task I am honestly impressed.

I really like the way waxing makes the whip feel. The handle is also 8 inches and I used 16 strands about 16″ long to do the fancy plait. How many labor hours did that paracord bullwhip you?? It depends on where the whip hits.

And it’s actually canary yellow and gold-the thong is chocolate brown. A temporary ban constitutes a “strike”.


Buying it would add something to that price But they take a lot of time, work and experience. Towards the bottom of the post is a paracord bullwhip link for an Excel spread sheet calculator that is pretty handy. When you bullwhkp the whip between two hard objects it paracord bullwhip everything out and pushes then strands together.