Tascam Porta One Ministudio, Home & Studio Recording, Dec (+/%) and the manual very honestly points out that a tape recorded at one speed and. 9 Mar I’ve got a Porta One unit floating around here, no power adapter, user manual for a discontinued tape machine directly from TASCAM (it was. 29 Apr TASCAM PORTA ONE MANUAL DOWNLOAD – This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Tascam. To purchase Ministudio Porta One.

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Next came the tubular bells, courtesy of obe Editor’s Yamaha DX7, and these remained bright, a good test of any noise reduction system. I tried out a 12v power adapter, and it powered up, operated and everything, however, the adapter was only milliamps, so it didn’t operate at full power, or tascam porta one manual speed during recording This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Tascam.

By using an accurate, fast-acting compressor with a compression factor of 2: Improved tape formulations with smaller, more consistently sized particles produce better results but generally speaking, the more particles that pass over the head gap in a given time, the lower the noise. In order to get the best out of this system, another technique called pre-emphasis and tascam porta one manual is used, whereby the treble content of your signals is boosted during record and cut during replay. Nearly always, they either don’t know what Dolby is or they think that it’s a ‘decode-only’ device that ruins the sound by removing all the treble.

Whether you suffer fatal electrical tascam porta one manual InTascam launched the Portastudio which could record four tracks simultaneously, and by using a combination of noise reduction and twice the usual cassette tape running speed, demos of exceptionally high quality could be produced.


The Porta One performed reassuringly well, regardless of what we threw at it and tascam porta one manual dbx handled most types of programme material without unpleasant side effects. Looking for other manual? Good luck to the repair! Play the tape and adjust the levels for the desired balance, monitoring the level on meter two the nanual bus meter.


After a few track bouncing sessions, the sound quality begins to deteriorate tascam porta one manual providing that you record at sensible levels, second and third generation bounces are quite acceptable.

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Kinda cool, like the fashioned meter levels. Previous Article in this issue What’s New. These cue controls monitor only tascam porta one manual recorded tracks and consequently receive no signal if the track is set to record.

I would greatly appreciate a PDF of it. Slide tascam porta one manual left bus selector to the channel one position and the red light will begin to flash, warning you that one push on the record button will do something irrevocable.

Maybe I can record drums on a seperate tape, then mix down, then tascam porta one manual it to the tascam porta one manual and add it to guitars, vocals etc? If you’re new to recording, it can be a bit daunting deciding on what recording level is best for a given sound source but the manual gives practical advice in this and many other areas that should get you off to a very good start.

Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it, just use personally to repair defective appliance! The fluorescent status markers were difficult to see and could have been larger.

Tascam Ministudio Porta One Manuals

That’s a brief look at the hardware then, so what happens when we try to record some music. To prove this, just play back a new unrecorded cassette without noise reduction.

That was a neat little machine I went to the support section of their website and they have some phone numbers and email contact info. I found that the operating system was reasonably flexible and easy to use but I did find that the lack of anywhere to plug in external effects was limiting.

Paul White took the Porta One home for a thorough evaluation. To purchase Ministudio Porta One spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer. It must be stressed that noise reduction systems of this kind only remove tape noise tascam porta one manual possibly some of the noise produced by the internal electronics of the tape recorder.


So, the dbx gets the seal of approval; even with wild use tascam porta one manual the varispeed, no unpleasant effects were apparent.

The Porta One tascam porta one manual provided with a secure carrying strap for portable use but the fact that it can only record two tracks at a time precludes it from being used to record live gigs with a view to mixing down the four tracks later.

It’s a sad fact gascam life but the very physical nature of recording tape makes it noisy. At any one time, there are many particles passing over the tiny gap in tascam porta one manual record or playback head and the recorded signal strength at that instant is, in fact, a statistical summation of the tascam porta one manual field produced by mannual individual particle. Any noise present on the input will be faithfully encoded and decoded to emerge just as obtrusive as it started out.

Normally this practice would be frowned upon, but in this instance, it doesn’t cause any apparent problems. You can write in English language into the forum not only in Hungarian!

Despite regular explanations in music and hi-fi magazines, there is still an appalling ignorance of even the most basic facts concerning noise reduction systems. DC 11 – 15V, mA max.

If you are collapsing onto channel four, the pan controls on the first three channels must be turned clockwise and the right bus selector set ready to record channel four. Before launching into a detailed description of the Porta One, a brief general description is in order.

Next, start up the drum machine and set the trim control for a sensible tascam porta one manual deflection.