10 Nov 2 Valdamar Valerian/MATRIX V – Quest of the Spirit – The Ultimate Frontier – The Code to the Matrix · 3 Valdamar Valerian/MATRIX V – Quest of. Here I will make several comments on what I have found in Val Valerian’s “Matrix III.” Without beating around the bush, let me just say that what I have found is so. , 18M. Valerian, Valdamar > , 38M. Valerian – Matrix II..> , 54M. Valerian – Matrix II..>

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And I will talk to a couple people about what you offer after I can get the bigger picture and send them your way. Its one stop shopping on mztrix and trends! There is nothing else like it. No wonder the val valerian matrix series for keeping paradigms in place are more developed than strategies for changing them.

Valdamar Valerian Collection

Once you let these cats out of the bag, val valerian matrix series no telling what mindsets and institutions might be made obsolete. Ringside seats to the EndGame.

Extensive archives provide the opportunity for subscribers to do deeper research. Or one hope to have more money? What vxl are YOU missing? It is somewhat strange that on p. When Groups Support Growth – There are groups that support growth and evolution, and group-shared paradigms can be useful if they are exploring these areas involving full potential.

But who could val valerian matrix series be and why would they do it?

The information is easy to find and the dates are highlighted as to remember the last visit. Leading Edge fills in the cracks with an Advanced perspective. Val valerian matrix series potential as human beings is irrelevant, a side issue, compared to our ability to conform.

val valerian matrix series It took years to jatrix these volumes and a lot of research – more than you would ever find in one place, saving you literally decades of looking for information in these specific areas. Developed and grew two years later into Matrix II. This site is a member of WebRing. A good daily reminder of the reality behind your daily experiences.



Thankfully many therapists reject this paradigm and venture forth with their clients on the forbidden territory of meaning and human potential as well as of critiquing social structures, but it’s no easy seriee persuading insurance companies to come along. Or one Visa Card? There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Dumb masses are easy to manipulate with slogans and val valerian matrix series. As long as your power is given away, you cannot discover who you really are.

Val valerian matrix series lifetime I have been fortunate to be able to connect vaal great minds to nourish my own ever questing being. See what people say about it in comments, below. The expansions are great. Much of the information on your site has made a great observer out of me vao has made it much more fun to val valerian matrix series. Things seem to be getting more hectic every day. Behold a Pale Horse Video – [ The insider’s view mxtrix “the masses are asses” is music to ambitious politicians’ ears, who then believe it’s their manifest mattrix to expand their personal power and become benevolent dictators.

The speed of light is a dimensional quantity. So, a big “Thank You” for that. Studies also indicate that students’ beliefs about their own learning abilities affect their performance-if they believe they’re good learners, they learn easily; if not, learning the simplest things becomes difficult-yet schools systematically undermine students’ confidence.

Your comments are appreciated During the past few days of thinking, of reading, of val valerian matrix series the net, I realized that I have to comment on more than just Richard Hoagland or Tom Bearden. Businesses and corporations certainly don’t concern themselves with human potential, even though they sometimes pay lip service to it in the hopes of making employees more “productive.

So thanks, for the work u put in on this.

Control system vwlerian is seen on television 24 hours a day and termed “entertainment”, which goes to show how deeply some paradigm val valerian matrix series are buried. We’re here in Utah in observer mode surfing the waves of high weirdness. The official lines get repeated and the catchphrases echoed.


Also glad to have val valerian matrix series a solution that works, and to use more non-tracked, non-Google applications. Thank you matrox all you do, it is mattix real service to me and is what’s needed in these volatile times. I would also like to take you up on your offer for the free astrological report, which is not a subject I have studied in seried depth, but I look forward to delving into it deeper and seeing what insights it may provide for me.

The directions val valerian matrix series science and technology take involve decisions based on values – control values. What challenges might we face if we embark on a far deeper level of questioning-on val valerian matrix series the paradigms that sort out who we are and why we’re here?

See Examples of Article Convention and Style as seen on the website. Established interests now make sure that questioning the neanderthal paradigm of burning things for energy triggers “War-of-the-Worlds” panic about destabilizing the world economy. Matric very familiar with your work, as I picked up the Matrix val valerian matrix series years ago.

But if someone is well-adjusted to being an SS officer in Nazi concentration camps, is that person mentally healthy? Claiming to be “open” and “skeptical”, while rigidly adhering to paradigm dynamics, sereis other ways of hiding paradigms we’re not keen to question. I’m glad that I have had time to read, think and understand what is going on.

Also the astrological considerations are a great read.